All Students

  1. No allowance will be made for lessons missed by students, except by special arrangement in cases of prolonged serious illness.
  2. In the event of the teacher’s absence, lessons will be re-scheduled or refunded.
  3. Time lost because of a student’s lateness cannot be made up. Latecomers to private or group lessons will receive the balance of their lesson only.
  4. Lessons and classes are not held on statutory holidays.
  5. All students are expected to attend lessons regularly, and to maintain a good practice routine and assigned homework.  Proper regular practice guarantees musical achievement and the experience of satisfaction in playing piano.
  6. All private piano lessons are payable in advance by the month or the term at the first lesson.  All group lessons are payable in full by the term at the first lesson. There will be 15% annual interest added to all invoices not paid prior to the last day of the month. NSF cheque fees are $35. Lessons may be terminated for non-payment of account.
  7. Payment may be made via cash, cheques and e-transfers. All cheques are payable to Christine Mader.

PuffinPrivate Piano Students

  1. Private piano students commit to a full academic year of lessons.
    In exceptional circumstances, lessons may be terminated with one month’s notice.
  2. Parents are welcome to attend lessons, providing this does not disturb the lesson.
  3. The student must not enter into examinations, performances or auditions without the prior knowledge and approval of the teacher.
  4. Students are responsible to purchase all books required for their private piano lessons.

Group Lesson Students

In the case of group lessons, a minimum registration of 4 students is required before a group class will be offered.  In the event the group class must be cancelled, registrants will receive a full refund.

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